Health Tracker Pro

The Ultimate Solution In Sports Performance Monitoring

Monitor Metabolic Functions

We all know, Cellular Fatigue, Oxidative Stress, Hydration, Aerobic Function, Protein Absorption, Essential Fatty Acid Balance, Iron Absorption and pH are factors that significantly affect athlete performance and are essential for, fitness, endurance, stamina and post exercise recovery times.

Imagine being able to easily and quickly access and monitor these key metabolic functions wherever you are. 

Well now you can …..

With Health Tracker Pro’s simple blood test, Personal Trainers , Exercise Physiologists, Team Coaches and Managers have the tool to access and monitor metabolic functions of their clients or teams


Empowering Trainers

The clear challenge for Personal Trainers and Coaches has been the inability to monitor and compare in real time the key metabolic and nutritional factors that are critical to performance outcomes..  

WELL THOSE DAYS ARE GONE………Health Tracker Pro……

  • gives you core performance data meaning you don’t have to wait days or even weeks for traditional test results
  • can be used almost anywhere this means you can take the system wherever you go.
  • testing before, during and after workouts you can fine tune your nutritional and training protocols on an individual basis to help enhance performance. 
  • gives you reliable data allowing you to monitor and act on subtle changes before they become a problem.
  • will give YOU that unique “EDGE” ultimately making you the Trainer / Coach people want to work with.


Improving Outcomes

Health Tracker Pro is a must have tool for athletes who want:

  • work with a trainer / coach who uses state of the art tools to help them naturally improve their performance.
  • to have their training and nutritional regime individually customised to suit their specific needs.
  • to monitor and track their fitness levels and reduce the effects of Cell Fatigue.
  • to improve on track / event performance.
  • to shorten post event / exercise recovery times.
  • increase overall energy and vitality in their lives.
  • to slow down the visible effects of the ageing process (Anti-Ageing).

Health Tracker Pro does not diagnose disease or medical illness. It is not a replacement for seeking professional medical advice. If you are concerned about your health please consult your healthcare provider.